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When Jimmy Fallon of Saturday Night Live isn't doing impersonations of Adam Sandler, appearing in movies like Almost Famous or spilling a mean Bostonian accent, he's busy hosting shows like the MTV Movie Awards and writing songs about troll dolls. ROLLING STONE caught up with the wily comedian as he prepped for his MTV gig and got ready for his summer off.

You're hosting with Kirsten Dunst. Do you have a crush on her?

I think every boy in America does. She's cute and very energetic. I'm happy because there won't be a time with both of us sleeping onstage.

How did you prepare for the show?

We have to do promos, so I figure we'll do a thing where it's me and Kirsten getting to know each other. Like, "Why don't you just come over?" And we end up hanging out and doing girlie things, like combing each other's hair, giggling and talking about Joaquin Phoenix.

Are you a fan of any of the nominated movies?

Yeah. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It was beautiful. I saw it at 12:30 AM in New York, with people screaming in the back of the theater during the whole movie and doing Japanese voice-overs. It's a comedy show when you go to the movies in New York. You can't see a really serious movie at that time of night.

What are your plans for the summer?

I'm gonna go to the beach. And grow a beard and learn how to surf. Just Brian Wilson it up. Just lay in a bathrobe, write genius songs.

What's it like working with Tina Fey?

The coolest. She's the coolest girl on earth- so smart and so funny. She blows my mind every second. And she's the most generous person. If I have no really funny jokes, she'll say, "Well, take one of mine," or, "If mine works and yours doesn't, we can switch."

Is it easy to write jokes about President Bush?

Actually, it's tough, because he's not really screwing up. He seems to be doing a good job, but we're there just in case- the first time he does anything. -Kerry L. Smith