People Magazine - June 11, 2001


The MTV Movie Awards usually cover all the bases: best villain, best fight, best kiss. But there's a missing category: "They should have one for best performance in hosting a movie-awards show," says Jimmy Fallon, 26, who will be co-host, with Kirsten Dunst, of this year's festivities (airing June 7 at 9 p.m.). "That's what I'd like to get," he says.

To improve his chances, the Saturday Night Live star is seeking advice from the pros. "I am going to put in a call to Ben Stiller," he says. "I liked him a lot when he hosted [SNL]." Like Stiller, the Brooklyn-born comic has begun acting. Fallon next stars in HBO's upcoming miniseries Band of Brothers. But he isn't giving up his day job just yet. "The whole reason I did stand-up was to get on SNL," he says. "It is truly like summer camp -- a bunch of cool people hanging out."

Even if he doesn't snag a bronze popcorn statuette, Fallon is looking forward to the show's signature parodies. At last year's awards show "I played Keanu Reeves, and Sarah Jessica Parker picked me up at a bar," he says. "It was Sex and the City meets The Matrix. That's how crazy the show is. Anything can happen."