Biography- Jimmy Fallon

   Jimmy Fallon was born September 19,1974 in Brooklyn, New York.  He then moved to Saugerties in upstate New York with his family, his dad Jim Fallon, his mom, Gloria Fallon, and his sister Gloria who is a year older. His parents taped "Saturday Night Live" for him when he was little, then the family used to all watch it together. In high school, he started doing impressions of famous people, he even won a impressionist contest in his senior year for Pee Wee Herman. Fallon then left for college, The College of Saint Rose in Albany, he majored in communications. On the side, Fallon performed comedy locally. The comedy bug got to him, and he left college to pursue his comedy career. He scored a manager in Los Angeles, and joined the comedy group "The Groundlings". After three hard "lonely and broke" years. Fallon finally go his dream chance to audition for "Saturday Night Live".  He auditioned once, but didn't make the cut. He then tried again, and this time he  left Lorne Michaels laughing over a perfect Adam Sandler impression.  He started his "Saturday Night Live" career as a featured player in September 1998, which he was later moved up to cast member in September 2000. In Fall of 1999, "I HATE THIS PLACE: A Pessimist's Guide To Life" a book he wrote with his sister was published. Note: Jimmy and Gloria are not pessimists they are very much optimistic people:) Fallon also has been in a few movies.

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